The Crow Tears In The Rain Silk Scarf - Limited Edition

Exclusive to The Crow Store.

A luxury 90cm x 90cm silk scarf with the James O'Barr's Tears In The Rain graphic printed on both sides. 

Supplied in a black gift box with The Crow logo in black foil.

Limited to 100 pieces.

James O'Barr.   Born in 1960, The Crow's creator spent his early life in foster care. He went on to study Renaissance sculpture and photography before enlisting in the US Marines in 1978 following the death of his fiancé in a tragic drink-driving accident. While stationed in Germany, James found an outlet for his artistic skills by illustrating combat manuals and, in 1981, he started work on The Crow.

James created his story of true love, loss and revenge, as a way to cope with his feelings of anger and self-destruction. Sadly, he didn't find the experience healing, once commenting that 'pure anger' was on every page.

The Crow was left on the shelf for seven years. When finally released, it went on to sell more than 750,000 copies, making it the bestselling black and white graphic novel of all time.