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The Crow Childhood's Over Collectible Snow Globe - Limited Edition

A stunning replica of the snow globe held in the "Childhood's over.." scene in the film, The Crow (1994). 

This handcrafted and hand painted 120mm/4" prop replica snow globe features the haunting graveyard and tree details of the original globe seen in the film The Crow (1994).  When shaken the mist turns to fog.

Edition. Limited to 1000.

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Details. The snow globe is made by hand with 3D modelled, hand painted and assembled elements. The inner setting is made of hand painted resin, with a unique mix of distilled water and fine particles that replicate fog inside the blown glass globe. Set in a base finished in gun barrel grey, embossed with the "Childhood's over..." quote from the film.  Each globe is carefully packed in a fully recyclable eco-foam molded sleeve for protection, and includes a gift box.

Dimensions. Globe height 120mm, glass diameter 100mm/4", 800g

Care. The globe is made of glass and is breakable. Keep out of reach of children and do not place in direct sunlight or near direct heat.

The Crow.  Released in 1994, The Crow is a hauntingly beautiful adaption of James O'Barr's graphic novel of violent loss and revenge. Set in Detroit on Devil's Night, the film starts with a horrific attack on Eric and his girlfriend Shelly. Both are killed. Eric is resurrected and with the help of a spirit crow, exacts revenge on the ruthless gang that took their lives.

The film suffered its own tragedy when its star, Brandon Lee, son of Bruce Lee, was fatally wounded by a prop gun on set. His death, and the endearing tragic romance of Eric and Shelly, has made The Crow a timeless cult classic.